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Laravel deployer for shared and free hosting! SSH and Composer are not required! Laravel 5.8, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x

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Laravel Deployer logo Laravel Deployer is a php script that allows you to deploy a website or a application developed with Laravel on shared or free hosting. SSH and Composer are not required on your server. Using Laravel Deployer to put your website online is quick and easy. You no longer have to modify and move files from your application. It's a full deployment, Laravel Deployer will do everything for you. Updates are easy because the folder structure of your application is kept. Laravel Deployer is available for the most used versions of Laravel. I.e. Laravel 5.8, 6.x and 7.x.

Let's recap the advantages you will have by using Laravel Deployer:

Easy to use
Full deployment
Rapid deployment (about 5 min)
SSH and Composer are not required on your server
Updates are easy (folder and file structure is kept)
Your website or application will be secure
Laravel Deployer is available for Laravel 5.8, 6.x and 7.x
No additional skills required

To obtain a full deployment of your application or website, Laravel Deployer will perform the following tasks for you:

Check server requirements
Create your online .env file
Configure your application
Migrate your tables
Automatically fill in your online database using the seed files
Create a symlink for the storage folder
Switch your application to production mode
Configure your .htaccess file for security (including redirection to https if available)

Want to see examples?

We have deployed basic Laravel applications on free hosting with Laravel Deployer. You can see the results with the following links:

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Laravel Deployer tool According to our findings, more and more people are wondering how to deploy or install a laravel application on shared or free hosting. There are many articles and guides. The reasons are:

  • Laravel is more and more popular
  • Not all websites expect thousands of visitors per hour
  • Shared hosting is more and more efficient. Some are starting to offer dedicated resources
  • Shared hosting is not expensive
  • Shared and free hosting is easy to use, does not require a lot of skills
  • Some people just want to learn or try


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